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“The Governor General, with the approval of the QUEEN has appointed you to the ORDER OF CANADA.  This award is in recognition of outstanding achievement and service to Canada and humanity at large.”

— Desmond Butler, The Secretary-General of the Order of Canada

“This excellence performance is a great honor to Canada and a fine example to all citizens and athletes in this country.”

— Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, referring to Athans’ World Championships

“It came out pretty much as I had envisioned, so I’m really pleased.  The staff all clapped after each showing.  Thanks for making it come together so well.”

— Allister Patterson, President Air Canada Vacations

“We really liked the Benson & Hedges Fireworks television special.  Eight regions picked up the show.”

— Gerry Dixon, CBC Communications

“It was great working with you and I’m sure you will be pleased to hear the show was well received.”

— Ralph Mellanby, TV Producer, Calgary and Atlanta Olympic Games

“Thanks for producing another outstanding season of the Caribbean Workout.  Our program executives, sponsors and many viewers are extremely happy with the content and high production values of the series. TSN is very happy with its association with this show and Athans Communications and look forward to another season of programming.”

— Jeffrey Elliott, Programming Director TSN

“The Caribbean Workout has the best all-round entry, but what makes this series a cut above the rest is the infectious enthusiasm and genuine camaraderie of the cast.”

— TV Guide Magazine

“I congratulate all those involved in winning the bronze medal as the New York Film Festival Awards for their Fight Against Drugs PSA.”

— Allan Rock, Minister of Health

“On behalf of Reebok, thanks for a job well done.  We were very impressed with the professionalism of yourself and your crew.  You seem to have a real talent for bringing the right partners together.”

— Vanessa Webb, Marketing Manager

“I have just read the Magil Construction brochure and it’s truly a masterpiece.  It conveys a sense of unparalleled excellence.”

— John Cooper, CEO, Cooper Canada

“Let me confirm the high quality of George’s professional abilities in the fields of television production and communications.  I have known George for over fifteen years and his has carried the creativity, discipline and determination which helped make him a Word Champion into his current business activities.”

— Howard Stupp, Director of Legal Affairs, International Olympic Committee

“I’m not sure any single commercial can affect the drug-tempted mind, but if it can be done, the George Chuvalo PSA is going to do it.”

— Strategy Magazine

“The ESPRIT videos are currently airing on all video equipped Air Canada flights and are being well received from passengers and Air Canada Management.”

— Raymond Girard, Publisher, enRoute Magazine, Executive Producer, In-Flight Entertainment

“On our end the skier cross TV show was of great quality.”

— Simon St-Arnaud, Director of Special Events, Intrawest, Station Mont-Tremblant

“The one hour documentary your wrote, directed and co-produced on F1 car racing has received most favorable reviews from our production company and the host broadcaster Discovery Network. Current and future broadcasts of the show will take place in Canada, England, Europe, in the USA on TECH TV and in Asio on China TV (CCTV) which had a reach of a billion viewers alone.”

— Paola D’Agnolo, Pixcom Interantional Television

“Our team says you did a great job and thanks.”

— Cameron Mathison, Host Entertainment Tonight USA

“You did a great job producing the Dawson College massacre for World News Tonight and Good Moring America.  Next time we need anything in Montreal we will give you a call for sure.”

— Michael E. Kreisel, Foreign Desk, ABC News, New York

“Thanks George.  As always you exceed our expectations.”

— Darren Gill, Marketing Manager – FieldTurf Tarkett

“I thought your speech was one of the best I ever heard here.  Thoughtful, funny, wise and to the point.”

— Bob Babinski, Writer, Broadcaster & Host of the McGill University, Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

“No need for references George.  We know the quality we get from you.”

— Stewart Johnston, VP Programming, ( TSN ) The Sports Network

“Your video tribute and speech on my late husband David  elevated the presentation to heights beyond perfection.”

— Claire Molson

“Everyone throughout the global SportsGroup company is impressed with the Astroturf anniversary video.” 

— David Berman, President, Canspan Advertising